When I've been in Ireland the first time from '99 - '01, I was among
other things reconstructing an ancient waterwheel of an old mill in Thomastown.
During that time I was also living inside the mill and there she was standing...
Someone dumped her on the landfill, where she was picked up and brought to
the mill. As a thank you present for the work I've done in the mill I got the bike.
Thank you Canice!

The only things I had to fix up to make the bike going again, were new brake
pads, a puncture and a new pedal.
And she was ready to Roll over Rock again...

I cycled several thousands of kilometer all across europe since.
From the westcoast to the Black sea, around Germany and the portuguese
coast and the next trip from Sarajevo back home is coming up.

If you want to read about these trips, here are the Links:

1st Journey "Back to my Love"

2nd Journey "Through the Wild East"

3rd Journey "Down the portuguese coast"

I would say, if I do the Flann O'Brian calculation and take all the bumpy roads and Offroad tracks I did so far in account, that I'm already 45% bicycle myself... I even catch myself sometimes leaning with the elbow against a wall... But I don't take it too serious yet!

I also try to find some good Links about and for the bike on the web, but they are hard to find... So if you know some good ones, let me know or otherwise be patient.


It is hard to find spare parts on the continent, but the bike shop in Wexford town where I bought my wheel once wants to set up a website where one can also order parts.


Ther is a funny guy in the states that seems to be at least as same enthusiastic about this bike as I am. And I think he knows quite a bit about them.
The detailed history about the company Raleigh and their bikes can be found here